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 Tier 3 Rifle: AK 103

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Tier 3 Rifle: AK 103 Empty
PostSubject: Tier 3 Rifle: AK 103   Tier 3 Rifle: AK 103 EmptyTue Apr 26, 2011 1:08 am

The AK-103 is an excellent Assault Rifle, the most powerful of all the Tier 3 rifles, but the most unstable. If you get this gun make sure you have a Foregrip, stabilization perk, steady aim perk, faster reload perk, and what ever else will help with its accuracy and stability. When firing at longer ranges, fire in bursts of 3-5 shots to improve your accuracy and save ammo. This gun provides major kick back, and may present frustration to any player unable to control it's recoil. However, this can be easily controlled through the 4x Optical Scope, and the Foregrip attachments.

Accuracy: 4.1/8.0
Stability: 6.92/8.0
Damage: 4.1/8.0
Rate of Fire: 6.18/8.0
Capacity: 25 rounds in box magazine. 150 rounds in reserve.
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Tier 3 Rifle: AK 103
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