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 Tier 2 Rifle: AG 94

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Tier 2 Rifle: AG 94 Empty
PostSubject: Tier 2 Rifle: AG 94   Tier 2 Rifle: AG 94 EmptyTue Apr 26, 2011 1:09 am

The AG-94 is the latest in the venerable AG-47 line, adding 21st century improvements to the line's established approach to sturdy and reliable firepower. Overall, a good weapon for most situations. The AG-94 is an good weapon all around. It's very accurate and stable when attached with a Reflex Sight or a 4x Optical sight, and a Foregrip. While it's accuracy isn't quite as good as the other Tier 2 Assault Rifles, The damage makes up for it. It's an effective tool at short and long ranges.

Accuracy: 4.62/8.0
Stability: 7.07/8.0
Damage: 3.77/8.0
Damage Per Second: 25.53
Rate of Fire: 6.77/8.0
Capacity: 30 rounds in box magazine. 180 rounds in reserve.
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Tier 2 Rifle: AG 94
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