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PostSubject: Interdiction   Interdiction EmptyTue May 03, 2011 3:22 am

Interdiction ( 128 players)
- Introduces a new game mode for 128 simultaneous players, where two rival factions attack and try to seize three command posts.
_ The objective is to capture and hold as many of the command posts as possible. You'll be supported along the way by heavily-armed convoys.
- The pack will include three new maps to play the Interdiction mode on - Lake Bayano Spur, Sovot Motorway and Iron Creek Quarry.
- The maps are faction-neutral, and each squad will have its own APC (for 16 in total).

APC Operation
- When trying to exit the spawn area as the game begins, please keep in mind the developers named the game mode Interdiction not Armored Bumper Cars.
- This will minimize the 2-8 APC pile ups and cut down the number of times an APC ends up sideways on the bridge in the Sver map just outside the spawn area.

- Oddly enough the mortars tend to be a vaulable asset.
- If they are down, grab a repair kit and fix it.
- This should allow more strikes being called in by the squad/platoon leaders.

Squad Leaders
- How about you stop staring at the map while waiting to call in mortars.
- Take a second or two, go ahead and set the frago on a letter or even the mortars.
- You'll be suprised how much the rest of your squad appreciates this move.

Platoon Leaders
- Some of us do not care to have to fight in the gas you dropped on a letter we currently hold.
- At the very least, you could warn us it's coming.
- Then again, an assist is an assist even when it's your own teammates that are dying.
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