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PostSubject: Escalation   Escalation EmptyTue May 03, 2011 3:16 am

Escalation (96 players)
- Escalation gameplay is set up in two phases: For phase one, all three teams battle to hold the map’s A, B and C objectives
- but when any of the three PMCs gains control of two of the three objectives, phase two begins.
- In this second phase, the original three objectives are locked and a new fourth objective (D) opens up.
- Now, the PMC that forced the phase shift must defend objective D against both attacking groups as long as possible; if D is lost, then play reverts back to phase one again and the war continues on until we have a winner or time runs out.

- Use whatever set up you feel comfortable with.
- Weapon recommended: shotgun, it works great for holding down positions.
- Ditch your repair kit and use the Medical Kit, grenades and a motion senser or Sensor Jammer.
- It will take some basic MAG skills and experience to pound it out but overall it shouldn't be too troubling.
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