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PostSubject: Sabotage   Sabotage EmptyTue May 03, 2011 3:00 am

Sabotage (64 players)
- Attackers must infiltrate rival communication facilities and hold two control points at the same time
- Once achieved, a final demolition objective is revealed and must be destroyed to win

Basic Tips

- Squad cohesion is important. There are multiple approach routes as an attacker, so talk to and follow your squad leader and steamroll the opposition as a unit.
- Having problems getting your squad to A or B objectives? Two or three medics per squad can pick up any fallen teammates along the way, which keeps the squad together on approach.
- The faction that typically prevails in Sabotage is the one that’s willing to make a focused charge at the objective. Sustained firefights at 100 meters from the objective as an attacker may give you a nice kill/death ratio, but will more often than not, result in your loss.
- If you have a headset, let your squadmates know about the guy under the stairs or in the church tower (yes, I hate that guy too).
- If you don’t have a headset, listen for callouts from your team.
- FRAGOs mean double points. They’re set by your squad leader as a mechanism to give the squad a unified goal and provide double XP when you’re in the FRAGO’s vicinity. If you’re interested in getting more points, these will get you there fast.

Advanced Tips

- On approach as an attacker, drop smoke grenades about 80-100 meters from A or B. This will get your full squad to within striking distance where you can regroup and make the final push to the objective.
- All final C objective buildings have front entrances (attackers) and rear entrances (defender). A few attackers can often flank C towards the back to disrupt the defender’s spawn into the final objective building. This provides a critical opportunity to secure the final objective. Ten seconds of spawn wave disruption can often result in an Attacker’s victory.
- Poison Gas and Frag grenades are great ways to clear Sabotage objective buildings of enemies. Poison does nasty proximity damage over time and Frag grenades can insta-kill if they’re too close – this provides a huge additional bonus in that fragged enemies can’t be revived and must travel back to the objective from the spawn point.
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