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-Communicate with your squad! If you have a headset you need to be talking, simple as that. As a squad leader your in charge of 8 soldiers only, there no excuses why you can not effectively take charge of your men. If your squad fails on defense the wall crumbles from your location. If you do not get it done on offense your nothing but dead weight slowing down the team. Letting your squad know what is going on and communicating is key.

-Coordinate with other leaders! If something is going wrong on offense or defense chances are no one has been communicating. In order to win any map regardless of the gamemode you need to coordinate. Get on the squad chat channels and find out what the other squad leaders are doing. Hell you can even combine your efforts and spawn at the same location to attack the same bunker! Anything can happen when you coordinate with others, do not be afraid to provide your feedback.

-Set FRAGO's 24/7! Pay attention to the start of the game your frago needs to be moved from the default location. Put your marks on your bunker or gates if you are defending. You want to get your squad experience and give them an overall sense of direction to what they should be guarding. On offense it gets more difficult as you need to constantly update your frago everytime a frago objective is completed. Keeping your mark on a transport from the start to the end, of the game for example is not helpful. Overall your frago should be marked 24/7 and updated constantly with no excuses.

-Stop WASTING your Airstrikes! This note is mainly for offensive squad leaders. When you attack a map do not call in an airstrike or uav until you take down the enemy AAA!! It will get shot down every time until the enemy triple a has been destroyed. Also when you are defending soon as you spawn onto the map do not waste your airstrikes. The enemy takes about 20 seconds after you spawn to even come onto the map.

-Use your Command Abilities! Now that you learned not to waste airstrikes, you need to start using them. Look below at the abilities guide to familiarize yourself with your capabilities. If you have them bring them down and unleash hell upon your enemies.

-Pay attention to the battle! Alright the enemy just stole your transport vehicle. Instead of not caring you need to alert your squad of the situation and provide instructions on how to take it out. The same goes for any situation on any other map. Your a squad leader, you should be one of the first people to know that a bunker was taken out and it needs to be repaired!

-Keep Moral high! If you lost your bunker do not start cussing on the mic at billy joe! No one person on your squad can loose the game or bunker or nav point! On the same note you need to keep your men willing to fight for you. When they do something good let them know. When something goes wrong encourage them to fix it and keep on trying.

Fight! Your a squad leader not a OIC. You need to be on the frontlines with this position at all times no matter what. The position also comes with unique perks for teammates around you (see 1.2).

--Abilities Guide--

-Recon UAV:
Calls in a a UAV sweep over the targeted area. It will reveal all enemy locations on the radar for your squad. Remember to only call it in when the enemy AAA is down otherwise it will get shot down!

-Cluster Bomb:
Call this airstrike in on smaller populated area to get maximum effect. It is the smallest and least deadly airstrike in the game, however it still can pack a punch and push the enemy back long enough to advance. Remember to only call it in when the enemy AAA is down otherwise it will get shot down!

--Leadership Bonuses--

-Rapid Fire:
Decreases reload time of squadmates in your proximity.

-Shallow Breath:
Increases resistance to gas grenades for squadmates in your proximity.

-Move with a Purpose:
Increases movement speed of squadmates in your proximity.

-Stay with me:
Increases incapacitation of squadmates in your proximity.
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