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PostSubject: Domination   Domination EmptyTue May 03, 2011 2:46 am

Domination (256 players)
- Attackers start scattered along the map edges and move on foot or ride in one of a few transport vehicles
- Defenders must take outer defensive positions to meet the oncoming attackers
- Each defending squad is responsible for holding specific areas of the base
- Attackers must eliminate front line defense emplacements (bunkers, turrets, tank traps)
- Once in the inner base, attackers must take down anti-aircraft batteries and radar sensors
- Destroying things like the anti-aircraft batteries allow the attacking team to launch UAVs
- Attackers must capture and hold objectives and inflict enough damage to the defenders base to win

Advance Tips
If you are attacking:
- Focus on taking out the defender bunkers and possibly the AAA before you go for the cooling towers.
- Make sure that you take out the bunker turrets from behind cover before you rush in to plant charges on the bunker.
- You can damage the bunker turrets with rockets, grenades, APC turrets, and even small arms fire.
- Make sure that your squad leader puts down FRAGOs on each objective.
- Lead objective assaults with grenades.

If you are defending:
- Keep your bunker turret repaired. You can repair it faster with multiple people repairing at once, though there are diminishing returns.
- Repairing the AAA is a great stall tactic since it can push back the attackers. You can often grab a motor pool vehicle and drive up to repair it with some protection.
- You can force offensive Helicopters to fly off by damaging them, forcing attackers to spawn further away from the front lines.
- Repairing the doors around the objectives can prevent the attackers from flooding in.
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