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 Welcome to MAG Ultimate Guide

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PostSubject: Welcome to MAG Ultimate Guide   Welcome to MAG Ultimate Guide EmptyTue Apr 26, 2011 4:05 am

Welcome to MAG Ultimate Guide. This site will try to provide the PSN communtiy with information about one of PS3 unique game, MAG. The site has just about everything about the game from guns to leadership roles. It has a section for organizing clans before getting on the game. This site is not like the rest where they just post information, even though it does post informatio, it allows members to talk to one another and express their thoughts. This site is still new at the time of the posting. If you wish to add something personally to a pre-posted thread pm or psn me, and I'll add the requested information into the post. I know that I missed some information on some things, like the Tier 4 Guns or the 61 - 69 level points. I will be adding information as I get it.

To be in the "Veteran Group" YOU WILL have to show prove that you have Veteran onto another faction. In order to show prove you will need to show pictures, videos, or you will have to add me on PSN; you have to leave me on there long enough to confirm that you have Veteran over. After I have prove that you have, then you can delete me if you wish. If you do delete me then nothing negative will happen, the add was to provide prove.

If you will be please register to this forum I'll appreciate it. You do not have to, it'll just show that you appreciate what I have done. I have spent almost a week making this forum. I have messed up a few times in making a forum for this game.
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Welcome to MAG Ultimate Guide
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