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-Communication with your platoon is KEY! If you do not have a headset it is recommended that you do not apply for this position. In order to be a successful commander you need to communicate with your soldiers. As a Platoon Leader (PL) you are in charge of four squads of 8 men each, so in total you are running 32 soldiers.

-Coordinate with other squad leaders! A good leader needs to get strategy and teamwork set up right from the start. If you go into your platoon chat channel you can communicate with the other 4 squad leaders. This is very vital to winning those hard maps, communicating can make a world of difference. Find out where the squads need help and and get a gameplan to win!

-Use your Command Abilities! As a platoon leader you have the best airstrike capabilities available at your disposal, do not let them go to waste! At the bottom of this post is a guide on what you have and what they do. One key note to remember - do not call in airstrikes if the enemies anti-air is online, they will get shot down and go to waste!

-Do not abuse the platoon broadcast chat channel! Alot of platoon leaders go into the platoon chat channel and just sit there talking to there squad. If you want to do that talk in your squads chat channel. When you talk in that channel everyone in your platoon can hear you, unless you got something important to say do not sit there going on and on!

-Address the squads in to sections! Do not sit there all match and say "The APC's are moving up, take them out". Hello, there are 4 squads within your platoon. Try and break the map down in half. What I like to do is use the "left" and "right" sides of the map for a reference point. The best thing you can say is, "Left side squads the APC's are moving up, take them out". This eliminates confusion and you will get cooperation.

-Keep your eye on the tactical map! As a platoon leader if the enemies destroys a key part of your defense you should be the first to know. It is your job to get units back up and repair whatever has been lost. The same goes for offense. If you spot weak area in the enemy you should coordinate and take advantage.

-Moral! So your team is pushed all the way back to your base and you lost one transport vehicle. Now is not the time for you to get on the mic and start dropping F bombs at everyone. Your troops will fight hard for a leader they can believe in. Just like in real life we need encouragement to bring the best out in us.

-Fight! As a Platoon Leader sure your in charge but you need to get out there and fight as well. If you sit inside a vehicle and it takes damage, it will start to repair! You also get other unique perks as well (See 2.2). So get out there on the front lines with the grunts.

--Abilities Guide--

-Sensor Sweep:
When you call in the sensor sweep everyone in your platoon only will see enemy blimps on your radar for the duration of the effect. This is a platoon leader only ability on your teams defensive maps.

-Gas Bombardment:
This airstrike has a large impact area, when calling it in keep that in mind. When the strike hits the ground it will spread out lethal gas that can kill enemies. It is best used for keeping enemies off of a certain position. This is a platoon leader only ability on your teams defensive maps.

-Precision Strike:
Calls a strike aircraft to destroy a hardened target. Must be targeted on a demolition objective. This airstrike has the ability to take out a bunker/gate/mortar/sensor with the one missile it drops. This is a platoon leader only ability on your teams offensive maps.

-Strafing Run:
Directs a strike aircraft to saturate the target area with high explosive cannon rounds. This will call in a series of bombers to bomb the selected area 3 times in a row. This is great for clearing out a large area and racking up alot of kills, use it to your teams advantage. This is a platoon leader only ability on your teams offensive maps.

--Leadership Bonuses--

-Battle Hardened:
Increases Resistance to explosive damage for squadmates in your proximity.

-Focused Healing:
Increases range of enemy shot detection of squadmates in your proximity.

-Automatically heals the leaders current bunker or vehicle.

-Cut the Blue Wire:
Decreases the time to both arm and disarm explosives for squadmates in your proximity.
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