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 Tier 2 Sniper Rifle: L96AW

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PostSubject: Tier 2 Sniper Rifle: L96AW   Tue Apr 26, 2011 1:22 am

The L96AW offers more accuracy and damage per shot than other Tier 1 rifles and in terms of performance is on a par with the Tier 2 rifles utilized by SVER and Raven. This increase in power will be of great use to any long-range marksmen advancing through the ranks of Valor, as it provides the user with a low-cost entry into the use of heavier rifles and can be deadly in the hands of a skilled sniper. Unfortunately, the increase in power comes at a cost, namely a lack of versatility when compared with Tier 1 models. Like all rifles on or above Tier 2, the L96 is only suited for long-range combat as it lacks the stability of lighter sniper rifles and as such, it is harder to get a bead on a target. The weapon requires careful aiming and has significant recoil, therefore the purchase of an upgraded scope and bipod are almostm andatory for optimal use. Any Valor sniper who would rather have mobility and mid-range combat a viable option to them would be better off simply sticking to the MK 14 Mod 0 EBR or investing in its upgraded version. Snipers who are serious about long-range combat and higher stopping power are also well advised to simply save up their supply points and stick with the MK 14 until they can afford a more powerful sniper rifle, unless they really want to enter into longer-range sniping as soon as possible.

Accuracy: 8.0/8.0
Stability: 2.8/8.0
Damage: 6.2/8.0
Rate of Fire: 1.5/8.0
Capacity: 10 'rounds in a Box Magazine. 40 rounds in reserve.
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Tier 2 Sniper Rifle: L96AW
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