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 CQC Submachine Gun: KP5

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CQC Submachine Gun: KP5 Empty
PostSubject: CQC Submachine Gun: KP5   CQC Submachine Gun: KP5 EmptyTue Apr 26, 2011 1:20 am

"The gold standard for submachine guns, the KP5 excels in a close combat environment. It has a good rate of fire and average stopping power, but it suffers from low accuracy common to weapons of it's class."

The KP5 is a decent weapon in the right hands. Its accuracy and stability is comparable to the F90, and is better than the Vipera-2. Rate of Fire for this weapon is average. The biggest let down to players when using this weapon is its ammo capacity. However, the mag size becomes irrelevant when in the hands of careful commandos going in to destroy the enemy's assets (the mortar battery, anti-air, motor pool, sensor array, and gates), especially in Domination. Due to the relatively small magazine, firing in 2-3 round burst at medium range and 4-5 round bursts at close range is recommended to avoid consuming too much ammunition and to increase accuracy. Engaging targets at longer ranges is not recommended. Unlocking the Improved Stability skill is a must, along with the reflex sight.

Accuracy: 3.38/8.0
Stability: 7.35/8.0
Damage: 3.36/8.0
Rate of Fire: 7.1/8.0
Capacity: 30 'rounds in a Box Magazine. 150 'rounds in reserve.

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CQC Submachine Gun: KP5
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