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 CQC Shotgun: 12 Gauge Pump

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CQC Shotgun: 12 Gauge Pump Empty
PostSubject: CQC Shotgun: 12 Gauge Pump   CQC Shotgun: 12 Gauge Pump EmptyTue Apr 26, 2011 1:18 am

"The 12 gauge's pump action gives it a slow rate of fire, and it is ineffective at long-distance combat, but it is harder to find a better weapon for close quarters combat."
Valor's ten shells almost definitely makes this the best of the shotguns although it has the slowest refire time. Overall the shotguns are all very similar weapons

Accuracy: 1.00/8
Stability: 2.90/8
Damage: 5.00/8
Rate Of Fire: 1.90/8
Capacity: 8
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CQC Shotgun: 12 Gauge Pump
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