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 Light Machine Gun: MK46 Mod0 and MK 46 Mod1

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PostSubject: Light Machine Gun: MK46 Mod0 and MK 46 Mod1   Tue Apr 26, 2011 1:17 am

Mk M46 Mod0
The MK 46 Mod 0 is a heavily modified SAW machine gun, designed for squad support in urban environments. It has good rate of fire and accuracy, but only average stopping power when compared to the other light machine guns. The MK46 Mod0 is considered by some to be the best of the Tier 1 LMG's. This is due to the fact that the MK46 Mod0 does not occupy the space that most other Valor weapons do; as an intermediary between the Raven weapons' high rate of fire and the SVER weapons' high power. While it's power level is actually lower than the two, it's rate of fire is higher than both. The result is a weapon that hits nearly as hard as Ravens but can put more bullets downrange in the same amount of time. For this reason, the MK46 Mod0 is popular among beginners and "Run'n Gun" players alike. Like with other LMG's, the foregrip or bipod and some sort of optic is recommended to improve accuracy over longer ranges.

Accuracy: 3.78/8.0
Stability: 6.98/8.0
Damage: 3.95/8.0
Rate of Fire: 7.08/8.0
Capacity: 100 rounds in a' Box Magazine. 200 rounds in reserve.

Mk 46 Mod1
Another SAW variant, the Mk 46 Mod 1 further specializes in squad support without weighing the soldier down with too much weight or need for a bipod to be used effectively. This is the elite soldier’s choice for firepower and mobility.

Accuracy: 3.78/8.0
Stability: 7.13/8.0
Damage: 3.95/8.0
Rate of Fire: 7.29/8.0
Capacity: 100 rounds in a' Box Magazine. 200 rounds in reserve
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Light Machine Gun: MK46 Mod0 and MK 46 Mod1
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