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-Communication is KEY! If you do not have a headset or are afraid to get on the mic and communicate do no apply for the position. As a OIC you run an entire 128 man army. Let us know what you see and what you want the platoon leaders to be doing. At all times you MUST communicate with this role.

-Use your Command Abilities! In my second game in domination today I had to tell my OIC to use his abilities. He sat there for 10min into the match without using a single one. Also let people know when you use an ability. For example, when you recharge the airstrikes let the leaders know that they are recharged.

-Address who you are speaking to! Do not sit there all match and say "The APC's are moving up, take them out". Hello, there are 4 platoons with apc's! Unless yall can read minds how do we know who you are talking to? Also do not just talk to your assigned platoon the entire game. If you want to do that there is a position called "Platoon Leader".

-The Tac Map is your friend! As a OIC you need to keep your eyes open for weakspots on your teams defense or the enemy's offense. You should be the first to know if key points go down and instruct your team to get them repaired asap. Your eyes should be on this map more than they should be on the battlefield.

-Strategy! Get in the company chat channels and talk with the other Platoon Leaders. Find out why they are being pushed back so fast and find a way to fix it. Your the OIC you call the shots you are to blame for a loss, no one else. Let everyone know the gameplan and execute it.

-Moral! So your team is pushed all the way back to the control points. Now is not the time for you to get on the mic and start dropping F bombs at everyone. Your troops will fight hard for a leader they can believe in. Just like in real life we need encouragement to bring the best out in us.

-Fight! As a OIC sure your in charge but you need to get out there and fight as well. Did you know that you regenerate the health of squadmates and vehicles you are in (See 3.2)? That's right, if you sat in a APC all map it is virtually invincible. So get out there on the front lines with the grunts.

--Officer In Charge - Abilities Guide--

-Satellite Sweep:
Calls in satellite surveillance, revealing all enemy locations on the map. Everyone on your entire team will be able to see enemy locations for the duration of the sweep as red blimps on the radar.

-Comms Jamming:
Jams enemy communications, making radio chat intermittent. The enemy team will not be able to cycle through their radio chat channels. Static will also come through enemy headsets.

-Signals Jamming:
Jams enemy command network, blocking enemy TCM and CNI abilities. The enemy will not be able to call in airstrikes, or UAV's regardless if your anti air defense is online or offline for the duration of this ability. Also the enemy will not be able to navigate through voice chat channels.

-Rapid Redeploy/Barricade:
If you are on offense as a OIC this will increase the enemies respawn time to 29 seconds. If you are on defense as a OIC this will decrease your teams respawn time to 9 seconds. This ability only lasts for a short amount of time as well.

-Tactical Strike:
Refreshes all friendly forces tactical strike cool down times. All squad/platoon leaders will have airstrikes refreshed for use soon as you press the button. Make sure you let your team know in advance to use everything they got before you refresh!

--Officer In Charge: Leadership Bonuses--

-Take the Pain:
Increases armor protection of squadmates in your proximity.

-Silent Step:
Increases stealth by allowing nearby squadmates to move undetected at croutch speed.

-First Aid:
Regenerates the health of squadmates in your proximity.
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