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 Tier 3 Sniper Rifle: AGVK

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Tier 3 Sniper Rifle: AGVK Empty
PostSubject: Tier 3 Sniper Rifle: AGVK   Tier 3 Sniper Rifle: AGVK EmptyTue Apr 26, 2011 1:03 am

The AGVK is a anti-materiel sniper rifle that shoots 12.7 X 108mm rounds capable of destroying lightly armored vehicles, turrets, and heavily armored enemy soldiers. It has limited magazine capacity and a good amount of recoil when fired. An excellent sniper rifle to use, as long as you can handle the amount of recoil it gives. With this, most shots will kill the first time but there are a few accuracy issues. This gun tends to place the bullet slightly off where you aimed it as if it had a suppressor. This generally isn't a major problem but can get frustrating when aiming for a headshot.

Accuracy: 7.9/8.0
Stability: 1.0/8.0
Damage: 8.0/8.0
Rate of Fire: 1.3/8.0
Capacity: 5 'rounds in a Box Magazine. '20 'rounds in reserve
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Tier 3 Sniper Rifle: AGVK
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