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 Meduim Machine Gun: PSK MG

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Meduim Machine Gun: PSK MG Empty
PostSubject: Meduim Machine Gun: PSK MG   Meduim Machine Gun: PSK MG EmptyTue Apr 26, 2011 12:56 am

For enthusiasts who can withstand its poor accuracy and rate of fire, the PKP MG is second to none in terms of raw power. This is the most powerful Tier 2 MMG, It has a lot of stopping power, but, as all S.V.E.R. weapons, it has a slower rate of fire and less accuracy compared to the others Tier 2 MMGs. It is also a very good gun at medium to close range. For hitting things at long range single fire/tap R1 to get the best accuracy or simply attach a bipod to accommodate.

Accuracy: 3.31/8.0
Stability: 6.53/8.0
Damage: 4.77/8.0
Rate of Fire: 5.92/8.0
Capacity: 100 'rounds in a Box Magazine. 200 'rounds in reserve.
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Meduim Machine Gun: PSK MG
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