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 Tier 1 Starting Sniper Rifle: HM 90 and HM 90SE

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PostSubject: Tier 1 Starting Sniper Rifle: HM 90 and HM 90SE   Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:50 am

HM 90
The H M 90 is a Tier 1 Sniper Rifle used by Raven and an be scaveneged from dead characters by other factions after the original user has been killed. The H M 90 is a reliable light sniper rifle. Initially, the barrel wander can be hard to deal with (especially for the newer players who will be using it) and its shots don't do a huge amount of damage to enemy infantry, with the exception of headshots. However, it has more versatility than other Raven Sniper rifles (barring the H M 90SE). Where heavier rifles are completely unreliable when fired from the hip and suffer from far more instability and recoil, the H M 90 can be fired from the hip with relative ease and the recoil is quite manageable. Coupled with it's capacity to accept foregrips and 4x sights, these qualities make it a desirable option for snipers looking for more mobility and short-range lethality, which the weapon can deliver despite its low stopping power. The H M 90 can also be used for long-range sniping, although in this area the heavier sniper rifles usually have more success due to their increased stopping power and capacity for high/variable-power scopes. The H M 90 can still compete, however, if the sniper wielding it can learn to use it's rate of fire and stability to his advantage, squeezing off several well-time shots on a target to ensure a quick kill or going for a headshot.

Accuracy: 7.9/8.0
Stability: 5.1/8.0
Damage: 4.4/8.0
Rate of Fire: 3.0/8.0
Capacity: 20 rounds in box magazine. 80 rounds in reserve.

The H M 90SE features a slight increase in stopping power and fire rate, but at a cost of greater recoil. It doesn't handle as well as the original rifle on the move, but the increase lethality won't go unnoticed.

Accuracy: 7.9/8.0
Stability: 4.5/8.0
Damage: 4.8/8.0
Rate of Fire: 3.3/8.0
Capacity: 20 rounds in box magazine. 80 rounds in reserve.
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Tier 1 Starting Sniper Rifle: HM 90 and HM 90SE
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