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 CQC Submachine Gun: F90

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PostSubject: CQC Submachine Gun: F90   Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:45 am

The deceptively small F90 has good accuracy for it's class and a high rate of fire, but it trades stopping power for armor penetration. At first glance, adding a Reflex Sight to the F90 is pointless, as the F90 has a red dot sight by default. Yet bullet curve from the barrel will be noticeably reduced with the Reflex Sight; especially when equipping a Suppressor.

Accuracy: 3.33/8.0
Stability: 7.22/8.0
Damage: 3.16/8.0
Rate of Fire: 7.44/8.0
Capacity: 50 round in a box agazine. 150 rounds in reserve
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CQC Submachine Gun: F90
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