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 CQC Shotgun: Boudini 12 Gauge

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PostSubject: CQC Shotgun: Boudini 12 Gauge   Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:43 am

"A respectful entry in its class, the Boudini 12-gauge shotgun lacks credibility at distance but packs a brutal punch at close range."
The Raven shotgun makes up for its small magazine size with a fairly quick reload time and faster refire time. There is a noticeable drop in damage and accuracy when the target is more than 10m away. Very good shotgun although it takes time to master.

Accuracy: 1.00/8
Stability: 2.90/8
Damage: 4.90/8
Rate Of Fire: 1.90/8
Capacity: 5.00
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CQC Shotgun: Boudini 12 Gauge
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