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 4x Optical Sight, Low, High, and Variable Power Scopes

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PostSubject: 4x Optical Sight, Low, High, and Variable Power Scopes   Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:11 am

4x Optical Sight:
Increases accuracy at range for all assault rifles and can be equipped on the Tier 1 Sniper Rifle. It only has a 1cc cost on the Tier 1 Sniper Rifle as a lighter alternative to the Low Power Scope that is Default on the Rifle, but does not provide any increases in accuracy.

Low Power:
At a cost of 300c, the Low Power scope is the stock attachment for all sniper rifles. This attachment isn't available for any other weapon class and should be considered 'iron sights' for sniper rifles. Note: You can equip the 4x Optical Sight on the sniper rifles to save 100c.

High Power Scopes:
High Power Scope (a.k.a. the 8X Scope) combines the increased range of the 4X Optical scope and the accuracy of a 2X; making it an effective precision optic for snipers. It is of the Marksman Category's third tier, with a minimum requirement of six skillpoints.

The High Power Scope has a 7.9 accuracy rating; making it far more accurate than its lower-zoom counterparts.
The powerful, 8X allows snipers to engage enemies from far behind the front lines.

Variable Power Scopes:
The Variable Powered Scope is one of the scopes attainable in MAG. It is the only scope that zooms in. To zoom in, press the up directional button. The scope itself has 2 zoom settings, and you can't actually control how far you zoom in/out
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4x Optical Sight, Low, High, and Variable Power Scopes
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