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 Frag Grenade

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PostSubject: Frag Grenade   Frag Grenade EmptyMon Apr 25, 2011 11:30 pm

An essential piece of equipment when breaching an enemy stronghold, is a pair of grenades that cost 400cc and can be applied to either gear slot, or the heavy gear slot. A player starts with 2 grenades at spawn and can refill at resupply points, and friendly bunkers. With the Advanced Grenades skill, a player can toss a grenade up to approximately 17m to 22m.

Grenades are best used when clearing out large groups of enemies defending a point. Players should be careful that there are no allies nearby before they throw grenades, and should also be aware of nearby objects that a badly thrown grenade might bounce off of, back towards the player.
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Frag Grenade
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