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 Light Armor

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PostSubject: Light Armor   Light Armor EmptyMon Apr 25, 2011 11:28 pm

Light Armor is extremely lightweight at 2cc. It has the fastest movement in the game, at the cost of extremely low damage reduction.

The exact names for this Armor for each PMC:

Raven : Mesh Composite
A light armor made of layers of bullet-resistant material, providing a low level of protection but allowing for greater mobility.

S.V.E.R. : Ballistic Mesh
Ballistic mesh armor provides little protection, but is cheap to manufacture and allows greater maneuverability than heavier armors.

Valor : Fiber Mesh
Fiber mesh is a low-cost, light armor, favored by soldiers willing to forego the bulk of added protection for the increased mobility.

Raven Light Armor (Mesh Composite)

S.V.E.R. Light Armor (Ballistic Mesh)

Valor Light Armor (Fiber Mesh)

Enhanced Light Armor costs 4cc to equip (as opposed to the Light Armor's 2cc), it offers more protection without a corresponding loss of speed and/or agility.

In appearance, the Enhanced Light Armour is slightly bulkier than normal Light Armor, although the solid portions are slightly smoother. Headgear and accessories are the same as for Light Armor.

The exact names for this Armor for each PMC:

Raven : Improved Composite Mesh
This armor adds protection without the loss of speed by streamlining design and substituting outdated elements with new alloys and bullet-resistant fabrics.

S.V.E.R. : Treated Ballistic Mesh
This armor adds some protection without a reduction in speed by weaving in bullet-resistant materials in key locations and reducing unnecessary bulk.

Valor : Augmented Fiber Mesh
This improvement to fiber mesh armor provides better protection than the previous version and keeps the same level of mobility.

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Light Armor
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