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 Meduim Armor

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PostSubject: Meduim Armor   Meduim Armor EmptyMon Apr 25, 2011 11:27 pm

Medium Armor weighs 6cc, which is three times heavier than Light Armor, but it's improved bullet stopping power and explosive resistance shows. This armor is often swapped in for Assault missions, to get a little bit extra speed and an extra Smoke Grenade or Frag Grenade.

The exact names for this Armor for each PMC:

Raven : Reinforced Composite
Reinforced composite is made of the same bullet-resistant material as mesh composite armor, but with additional elements of alloys and ceramics that improve protection while reducing some mobility.

S.V.E.R. : Ballistic Vest
The ballistic vest is a combination of steel plating and bulletproof material, making it a good balance between mobility and protection.

Valor : Reinforced Fiber
Reinforced fiber armor increases the level of protection at the cost of some mobility, making it a good choice for soldiers who need to remain mobile during a firefight.

Raven Medium Armor (Reinforced Composite)

S.V.E.R. Medium Armor (Ballistic Vest)

Valor Medium Armor (Reinforced Fiber)

Enhanced Medium Armor costs 8cc to use, and offers better protection than the Ballistic Vest, but with no movement penalty. You can survive two Tier 1 sniper rifle shots and still have enough health to get clear and heal yourself. This armor is invaluable to players who use hard-charging, front-line tactics.

The Exact names for this Armor for each PMC:

Raven : "Spyder" Advanced Composite
Advanced Composite adds an additional layer of protection to the previous design, but is able to maintain the same speed due to manufacturing improvements.

S.V.E.R. : "Hazard" Enhanced Ballistic Vest
The ballistic vest is enhanced with rigid plates and other bullet-resistant materials, but does not reduce the soldier’s speed compared to the original version.

Valor : "Bulldog" Mk II Reinforced Fiber
Mk II Reinforced Fiber is more expensive than its predecessor, but the pricier material gives the soldier better protection without sacrificing speed.

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Meduim Armor
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