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 Heavy Armor

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PostSubject: Heavy Armor   Heavy Armor EmptyMon Apr 25, 2011 11:26 pm

Heavy Armor weighs in at a whopping 10cc. You will be noticeably slower than Light Armor, but can still move well enough. Heavy Armor's greatest strength is apparent when things that normally would kill you instantly, don't. The Tier 3 Sniper Rifle takes two shots to finish you off, Vehicles bump you to the side a lot, and you can often survive Anti-Personnel mines.

The exact names for this Armor for each PMC:

Raven : Heavy Composite
The preferred armor type in high combat areas, heavy composite armor uses large ceramic and alloy plates over ballistic material which offers great protection but can slow the soldier down considerably.

S.V.E.R. : Steel Reinforced Ballistic Vest
This heavy armor, made of heavy steel plates over bulletproof material, provides superior protection at a significant cost to mobility.

Valor : Heavy Fiber
Favored by soldiers who are generally in the thick of the battle, heavy fiber armor provides superior protection at a significant cost to mobility.

Raven Heavy Armor (Heavy Composite)

S.V.E.R. Heavy Armor (Steel Reinforced Ballistic Vest)

Valor Heavy Armor (Heavy Fiber)

The Improved Heavy was released with the Interdiction Pack. The Improved Heavy Armor weighs 12cc, leaving little room for other equipment. It has improved damage reduction, with no movement penalty, great for players who prefer to "tank" their way through a battlefield.

Raven : Heavy Ceramic Composite
Adding even more protection than the previous model, heavy ceramic composite armor uses a different combination of materials that results in no additional weight that would slow the soldier down.

S.V.E.R : Triple Reinforced Battle Armor
This armor takes protection another step simply by adding more steel plates at vulnerable locations on the soldier’s body. Speed is maintained by removing bulky padding and other unnecessary comforts.

Valor : Plated Heavy Fiber
This armor adds additional ballistic plates and improves key locomotive elements, resulting in a increased protection without a loss of speed.

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Heavy Armor
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