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 S.V.E.R Company

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Seryi Volk Executive Response, more commonly known as S.V.E.R., is one of the three playable factions in MAG. The corporation is based out of Grozny, the capital city in the Chechen Republic, in Russia. Its members appear to be private citizens from war-torn countries and mercenaries. Much of the hardware utilized by them seems to be Russian in origin- Dragunov sniper rifles, AK-47s and 74s, and the like. They also have some kind of "underdog" look.

While S.V.E.R. operates worldwide, they are primarily based out of Russia, former Soviet republics and Asia
Added by Chico NotreAlthough they are the poorest of the three factions, they have the most passion for battle, and tend to use guerilla tactics. They are currently led by Priya Khan, who served in both the Indian air force, and the Garud Commando Force, before founding SVER. Seryi volk translates to "grey wolf" in Russian. Players who originally Pre-ordered MAG from GameStop, received the S.V.E.R. "HAZARD" Enhanced Ballistic armor bonus code; however, the same armor is now available to North America's players via the PlayStation Store for free. Like the other pre-order codes from other gaming chains for Valor and Raven, this unlocks the 800 CC Enhanced Ballistic Vest, and the custom "Hazard" camo for the armor, as well as the "Hazard" style Tank Helmet 4 for the Medium, and Enhanced armor types.

Primary attributes of S.V.E.R.'s weapons are:

High Stopping Power
A lower-than-average Rate of Fire
Slightly above average Stability for Sniper Rifles. Slower fire rate so less recoil while shooting most weapons improving aim
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S.V.E.R Company
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